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Why Donate?


Are you holding onto property that fails to yield annual revenue, when you could be enjoying a generous tax savings? While holding on to depreciating property, at the same time, you may be holding on to a considerable federal tax deduction for you as well as a valuable asset to a charitable organization.

Holding vs. Donating


Many are burdened with unwanted property simply because they are unaware of their options. In numerous circumstances, selling is not ideal for unproductive property due to the hefty costs involved that overshadow the actual property worth. Because of this, many people hold on to idle real estate & vehicles for lack of a better alternative, and are frustrated paying excessive costs without seeing any return on their investment. But for all those frustrated, there’s hope. Driving Successful Lives can offer you the solution you have been waiting for.

Benefits of Donating


Property donation is proven time and again as the best alternative to selling, due to the quick liquidation of assets, numerous tax breaks, and opportunity to benefit charitable foundations. Everyday, more people are discovering the ease of donating property through Driving Successful Lives. We are an organization that specializes in handling all of the aspects of the real estate donation process for individuals, corporations, and charities. We are dedicated to ensuring that property donation is a very positive and rewarding experience for all.

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